30 November 2006

Bengals Outlook Tough but Do-able

The situation as I see it is that the Bengals have to win all of their remaining games. That would end the season at 11-6 and give us postseason hopes. It's tough but not impossible.

The remaining games are:

Baltimore (tonight)
at Oakland
at Indianapolis
at Denver

The good news is that the OL seems to have gotten its act together. QB protection and run blocking are better now than in October. This team relies on its explosive offense and can't win without a solid OL.

The defense still stinks. But I do give credit to Kevin Kaesviharn for being the most improved player. He's gone from dud to stud this year. Overall, however, this defense just can't put the kibosh on strong offenses. That pretty much spells disaster for the Colts game (unless the Colts rest their starters).

The Bengals can make the postseason, but what they do once they get there will depend on how much better the defense can get. There is no way we can play teams like Indy and New England with this sorry excuse for a defense.

I, for one, pledge to do my part to drink beer and yell at the TV. Good luck, gentlemen!


Jimmy Carter said...

The Bengals control their own destiny. If they win the remaining four games they will be in the playoffs. No way around that in any scenario.

WestEnder said...

Did anyone catch Chris Collinsworth echoing my comment about Kaesviharn? I think it bodes well for the defense to have both Kaesviharn and Dexter Jackson in the backfield.

KatieG said...

you must have drank enough, and yelled at the tv enough to help them out. good job.

TravisG said...

My brother said he saw Steve McNair at Holiday House at 1 a.m. Thursday morning, buying two liters of Belvedere and a box of Trojans. Dunno if that had anything to do with anything, but he finally had a bad game against the Bengals.

WestEnder said...

Wow. Two liters? A whole box? No wonder people respect him.

But is your brother sure it wasn't Chris Henry?

Radio Free Newport said...

Great game. I'm surprised they won, but certainly happy about it.

As for Kaesviharn, I don't think it's a matter of him playing badly before, but rather being back in his comfort zone. He's not an every down type guy, but is great to bring in on passing downs. Now that Jackson is back, he can stay there. How crazy is it that he leads the league in picks?