02 November 2006

Changes Coming to Local Radio

WLW’s Andy Furman got fired for having too big of a mouth. I was never a big Furman fan so in my opinion we have one less doofus to listen to on WLW. Will he be replaced by someone better? Yeah, sure, just like Trent Lott got replaced by someone better when his mouth got too big.

FM radio is getting some changes, too. In this case, it’s corporate restructuring (i.e. the shaft). Two telecoms bought several area stations, fired several employees and eliminated some competition. The changes will be, um… what is the phrase? Ah, yes, “good for consumers”.

For example, we’ll be able to listen to Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck every weekday (now on FM). Maybe I’ll miss Andy Furman more than I thought…

And maybe I'll just keep that iPod plugged in.

1 comment:

TravisG said...

Furman was awful. His whole schtick – endlessly gullible, yet argumentative – was terribly irritating. He'd let his callers go off on ill-informed rants on whatever half-baked topics they came up with, without benefit of statistics, and then he'd take the opposite position, no matter what.

If you listened for more than, say, 10 minutes (a chore, to be sure) you could hear him contradict himself, and forcefully.

But, yeah, I'm sure they'll come up with someone worse. He somehow still seemed like a nice enough guy, despite the schtick.