27 November 2006

H-Bomb Ferguson Dead at 77

H-Bomb Ferguson died on Sunday.

When my high school friends and I would get together on college breaks, we'd go out and see H-Bomb all the time. He used to have regular gigs at Kilgore's and Cory's (I think that's the name) which are now known as Buzz and Mad Frog.

He was a character. Outrageous wigs. Great lyrics. Cool band. And he drove a hearse. I even saw him driving around in it a couple of times.

Thanks for the good times, H-Bomb.


Radio Free Newport said...

Sad news. Thanks for posting, as I hadn't seen this elsewhere.

When I was an undergrad, I used to go to Cory's on Tuesday nights to see H-Bomb with Big Ed Thompson. To this day, it's still some of the most amazing music I've heard in town.

RIP, H-Bomb.

Wes said...

Wow. That's terrible news.

H-Bomb at Cory's was the shizzle. He also used to play Ripley's now and then, if memory serves.


WestEnder said...

Ah, yes, Ripley's. I spent a lot of Wednesday nights there (reggae night). I also saw Widespread Panic there almost 20 years ago. Still got the t-shirt.

Now it's a Chipotle. Less fun, more yum.

Mark said...

He was only 77? My dad remembed H-Bomb when he was in college back in the mid-sixties.

JenJen said...

Ripley's... sigh... Good times, good times. Wait, it's a Chipotle's now?? That makes me feel really f'n old, and more than a little disappointed.

Rest in peace, H-Bomb.

Anonymous said...

H-Bomb changed the sound of music for generations to come. www.goodgriefamerica.com has a video and bio.
Rest in Peace H-Bomb.