27 November 2006

Study Finds Owners of Bad Dogs Often Bad Themselves

An interesting study was recently done by researchers at Children's Hospital:

This study examined the association between ownership of high-risk ("vicious") dogs and the presence of deviant behaviors in the owners as indicated by court convictions. We also explored whether two characteristics of dog ownership (abiding licensing laws and choice of breed) could be useful areas of inquiry when assessing risk status in settings where children are present... Findings suggest that the ownership of a high-risk ("vicious") dog can be a significant marker for general deviance and should be an element considered when assessing risk for child endangerment.

WVXU reports on the study:

The scientists discovered vicious dog owners who don’t register or keep their dogs confined are at least 9 times more likely to have committed a crime against children than the owners of non-violent dogs. That same group was three times more likely to have a domestic violence conviction, and 14 times more likely to be convicted of a crime involving alcohol. All of them had at least one criminal conviction or traffic citation. Thirty percent had at least five.

Co-author of the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital study, Dr. Barbara Boat says one can argue that choosing to own a vicious dog, like pit bulls, rottweilers or chows, is a marker of social deviance, because a vicious dog is, by definition, a socially deviant animal.

I must admit, it always seemed to me like they just ain't right in the head.


ohdave said...

That's a great post. I can tell you, I am a school administrator, and usually when you have bad kids.... you get the idea. Same concept.

I have a Rottweiller and he's good as gold.

Great blog.

Wes said...

My wife's dachshund was considered a "vicious animal" by its previous owner.

I don't know what the heck they were thinking. Julie is one of the nicest animals I've ever seen.

Sure, don't take her chewy away before she's done with hit, but hey.