03 November 2006

DeWine vs. Brown: DeWine Campaign Stuck in Gutter

Mike DeWine is making me hurt. I already felt bad for the guy, a moderate conservative who has been forced to pay the price for a immoderate party. That's unfortunate, but my sympathy for DeWine is limited. After all, Jim Jeffords faced the same quandary and chose principle over party.

DeWine's campaign ads have been so full of negativity, deception and outright lies that three of them have been pulled. It might even be four, I'm not sure. Either way, it's ridiculous.

It's also appears to be a self-destructive tactic. DeWine's numbers have fallen, fallen, fallen while his ads continue to be ugly, ugly, ugly. His campaign has exemplified this season's unprecedented gutter politics and attack ads. It's just painful to see someone so desperate that the only way he can get votes is to make people hate the other guy so much that they go vote for you.

This morning the pain got worse as I saw another, new attack ad. I can't remember the attack, but I do recall something about Sherrod Brown being an evil person who should not be trusted by decent folk.

I can understand climbing into the gutter to get right-wing votes ('cause that's where they are), but if this is DeWine's attempt to get the independent vote, he's getting some bad advice.


Anonymous said...

Your sympathy for this so-called moderate asshole?

Here's a short story: try being a VETERAN needing help with the V.A. and being instructed to contact your senator by your congressman. Try contacting that senator- TWICE. No return call or letter. Then your STATE SENATOR writes TWO letters to Mr. Moderate. NO REPLY! SCENE SHIFTS TO TWO YEARS LATER, November 3, 2006. Who does the veteran vote for? Who gets no sympathy?


S. Musgrave


Thanks for your time but this dumbass doesn't warrant ANY sympathy. I hope he cracks his head on the pavement when we throw his ass out.

WestEnder said...

It's unfortunate that you had such a frustrating experience with the VA and DeWine. Best of luck with everything.

Your anger is apparent (thanks for not using a billion exclamation points, though) but misdirected at me or this post. The post is not about sympathy for DeWine (or even about his politics). It's just about his incessant use of negative attack ads.

But I would say that your experience is particularly germane since the GOP always harps about "supporting the troops". I urge you to contact a newspaper or internet site and tell them your story.

You might also try IAVA if you haven't already.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm so slow catching up to you but I did contact the Toledo Blade. They did a story. It didn't help.

And no- I didn't use !!!!!! What would be the point? Mike is gone in less than two days and Sherrod gets my vote GLADLY.

Anonymous said...

I checked the IAVA site. I'm Vietnam Era.

Thanks anyway and sorry about the misdirected anger. I'd have said it to Mike personally but the coward never gave me the opportunity.

Canton, Ohio