17 November 2006

Research Investigates How Money Affects Behavior

Probably not surprising, but interesting nonetheless.

It's cool that they actually did experiments. When I read the headline I figured someone just found correlations in statistical data. But this is a whole 'notha level.

Mead helped design and conduct five of nine laboratory experiments, most of which involved having participants complete a number of different tasks while being exposed to "play" money or other visual references to money. The researchers found that those exposed to reminders of money worked longer on tasks before asking for help and were less helpful toward others. They also preferred to play alone, work alone and put more physical distance between themselves and a new acquaintance.

"Although the pattern of results were as predicted, we were somewhat surprised about the strength and consistency of the effects with such subtle reminders of money,"

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Michelle Fry said...

Wow, money=power or desire for it anyway. Interesting that such a change came about by just having money around.