01 November 2006

An Urgent Message from Karl Rove!

Attention Americans!

Pay attention to John Kerry! Pay attention to John Kerry!

Republicans love and support our troops. But you know who hates our troops? John Kerry!

John Kerry hates the same troops that Republicans love!

You know who else hates our troops? Democrats! Liberals! Jane Fonda! In other words, all of John Kerry's friends and relatives.

And you know what those troop-hating friends and relatives are doing right now? Trying to get elected in your state!

Don't vote for them! Don't vote for them! If you vote for John Kerry's friends and relatives, our soldiers will die and our children will become gay Mexican-speaking Allah-worshippers.

It's your choice, America. We're* just here to make sure you choose correctly.

Bless'd Regards,
Karl Rove

(* Karl Rove and Wally Diebold)

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