16 November 2006

Gays and Taxes

This story caught my attention since it's similar to the last post. This time, a wealthy gay couple refuses to pay taxes until gay couples get the same tax benefits as married couples.

“According to the General Accounting Office, there are over 1,049 protections and incentives extended to straight married couples, none of which we get," says one of the gay-but-unhappy men.

In yesterday's post I questioned the logic of withholding all of one's taxes when one only objects to some of what it is used for. A commentor on this story expressed the same view, writing that it "seems like the more appropriate thing to do would be to simply re-calculate taxes as if he were married and pay that."

Makes sense. Then again, taking a principled stand on something without really thinking it through is sort of the American way these days, isn't it?

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Michelle Fry said...

Hey, I'm a woman and until all women get equal pay for equal work, I won't pay my taxes. Oh wait, yes I will because "moral" stances don't get people out of jail but man do I want to be a conscientous objector sometimes.