20 November 2006

Corporex: Latin for for "corporate welfare" ?

Corporex to seek tax breaks.

Covington-based developer Corporex Co. wants to line up as much public money and public support as it can for its $800 million development on the Newport riverfront, officials said Friday.

Friday, Corporex founder and chairman Bill Butler made a straightforward appeal for support for the project at the local, state and federal levels.

Shorter Bill Butler: Taxpayers should subsidize my real estate development and then give me a long-term tax break, preferably one bigger than KY law currently allows.

I checked into Bill Butler's political contributions. To whom did this corporate welfare acolyte give money in the 2006 election cycle?

$7500: Ken Blackwell
$4200: Jean Schmidt
$2100: Steve Chabot
$2100: Mitch McConnell
$2100: Pat DeWine
$2100: Mike DeWine
$2000: Elizabeth Dole
$500: Rick Santorum

Butler was also generous enough to send over $25,000 to the RNC and another $10,000 to the KY GOP. Corporate welfare and the GOP... a [heterosexual] match made in [Christian] heaven!


Wes said...

Remember, welfare is only bad if it goes to poor non-whites.


Mark said...

I would have expected more bucks to sway GOP votes.

What's with "4200" and "2100"? Is he a Douglas Adams fan?

WestEnder said...

If I remember correctly, $2100 is the max amount an individual can give to a [federal] candidate per primary or regular election.

So the $4200 for Schmidt means he likes her enough to have financed her in the primary as well as general election.

The $2100 for Pat DeWine is interesting since he didn't run for anything this year. It's an obvious favor to Mike DeWine.

The $7500 for Blackwell is because he was a state candidate, and the limit on state candidates is $10,000. It used to be $2500 but the statehouse GOP changed it in a campaign finance "reform" bill a couple of years ago.

Mark said...

It's odd that they didn't use round numbers...or maybe that makes things easier to hide in accounting.