01 December 2006

Prediction: GOP Will Hold White House in '08

My family knows I follow politics, so whenever we get together (like for Thanksgiving) I get about a dozen people asking me whether Hillary (and now Obama) will run for President.

Just to follow through with the thought, my standard response is to explain that campaigning is all about money, and since I think Clinton and Giuliani can raise the most money, in my mind they are the front runners. Then I point to my watch and tell them Obama's 15 minutes are counting down.

I could write a long post about why the Dems won't win the White House and why they may not even hold on to Congress, but instead I'll just forward you on to the BSB straw poll which as of noon Friday had the following top vote-getters:

John Edwards, Barack Obama, Al Gore.

What... no K-Fed?

(I voted for Evan Bayh)


Wes said...

I like Edwards, but my dream ticket is (don't laugh) Gore-Sebelius.

Barring that, maybe it's just because I'm a native Hoosier (because I'm to the left of him), I like Evan Bayh as well.

If he were to win, I would hope he'd do more party building than his fellow centrist Clinton did. He was off to a good start by helping the three Democrats take House seats in IN (and in helping fund the IN Dems in their takeover of the State House).


WestEnder said...

Hmmm... interesting. An environmentalist and a dead Finnish composer.