09 November 2006

Making Sense of Faculty Salaries

A worthwhile article on the teacher-coach salary disparity is in a recent John Carroll University student newspaper.


Mark said...

The article didn't mention that universities hire as many "part-time" instructors as they are allowed. (This is the only profession where part-time means working more hours than full-time.) The NCAA would explode if anyone floated the idea of part-time coaches.

Jimmy Carter said...

The data in the article is a bit dated, with Thad Matta still being listed as Xavier's coach. He coached there three seasons ago.

It is all about the power of the market. Matta may have been the highest paid person at Xavier, but Ohio State more than doubled his salary. The people at OSU couldn't be happier, and Matta is regarded as one of the best coaches in the nation.

Interesting that they didn't list the salaries of the underpaid professors. Profs get paid pretty well compared to other professions. Mark also makes a good point about the difference between part time and the tenured staff. A lot of politics goes into who becomes tenured. The tenured enjoy substantially more benefits than the "part timers", who the system depends on.