21 November 2006

Ohio Ranks First in Something Good

From the Dayton Business Journal:

Ohio has the best libraries in the nation, according to a survey released by a Wisconsin librarian.

Thomas J. Hennen Jr.'s annual American Public Library Rating ranked Ohio's 250 libraries at the top of the list for their highest overall score for circulation, staffing, funding levels, reference service and materials.

Utah was No. 2 on the list, followed by Oregon, while Washington D.C., was in last place, behind Alabama.

Ohio has one of the worst educational systems in the nation but it has the best libraries. And D.C. has more degreed professionals (at least during daytime) than any other area in the nation but it has the worst libraries. Crazy.

And speaking of libraries, go visit the Mercantile Library and its blog.


Michael said...

I have to agree, we have some seriously excellent libraries in this state. Canton's is great for being such a small city as is Cleveland's on the other end of the scale.

Mark said...

I'm writing from a library terminal. It's amazing that with so many morons in the area we have a quality library system.