09 November 2006

Heimlich Commission Is Once Again County Commission

Election day brought scores of Democratic victories around Ohio and the country, and one of the most telling statistics was this: not a single Democratic incumbent lost his/her Congressional seat. All the seat changes were R to D, none were the other way around.

But some Republicans did keep their seats, like our own Steve Chabot and and his esteemed colleague, "the freak-show embodiment of everything wrong with the Republican Party today".

(Although the OH-2 race isn't over yet)

But I think the change that will do the most to improve things around here is the election of Pepper to HamCo Commission. I think this will be a very positive election. Phil Heimlich is one of the worst officials in recent memory, a churlish, arrogant narcissist who managed the county as if it was his own fiefdom. Let's hope we've seen the last of him.

David Pepper is far smarter, better informed and knows how to work with people. He has plenty of corporate and wealthy connections (Kimball Perry points out a few new ones), so we'll have to see how independent he can be from the men in suits who are used to being puppetmasters around here. But I think Pepper and Portune can manage the county in far superior manner than what we saw under Heimlich. I look forward to a commission that prioritizes the long-term interests of citizens, not the short-term interests of corporate executives.

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