28 February 2006

Most Livable Cities

Still feeling ill today. Still have an almost total aversion to food. Just about the only thing that I can think of since Sunday that doesn't make me ill is fruit. But I can't even think about my usual lunch sandwich or eating out at someplace I like; it makes me queasy. So I guess I need some more fruits. Peaches, plums, grapes, these will be my new friends. Onto the post:

Where should Cincinnati look for ideas to be a great city? How about the Economist Magazine’s list of the world’s most livable cities? The rankings were based upon “widespread availability of goods and services, low personal risk and an effective infrastructure.” (full methodology explained at bottom of article).

The top 3 cities were Vancouver, Melbourne, and Vienna. But the survey also backs up what I have been saying for years: Canada is great. And that does not even take into account their gold medal in curling.

With low crime, little threat from instability or terrorism and a highly developed infrastructure, Canada has the most liveable destinations in the world. With a rating of just 1 per cent (as a result of a small threat from petty crime) Vancouver is the highest ranked city of all 127 surveyed. A further two Canadian cities (Montreal and Toronto) feature in the top five with ratings of just 3 per cent. All 4 cities surveyed score well in all respects.

Although higher crime rates and a greater threat of terror puts US cities below those of Canada, US cities are still among the world's most liveable. Cleveland and Pittsburgh are the joint best scoring cities in the United States (7 per cent), in joint 26th place in the global ranking. A lack of availability of recreational activities and certain infrastructural shortfalls put Lexington as the least liveable US city surveyed, in 56th place-although its rating of 13 per cent is still low.

There's also a list of the most and least stressful U.S. cities (based on things like divorce, crime, unemployment).


Daniella said...

I have to agree with the Economist. I have never been to Oz but I have lived in Zurich and it is beautiful, on the shore of Lake Zurich with an active city where people live near to retail and entertainment areas with a transportation system based on honor.

Vancouver is totally beautiful with Georgia Straight and snow capped mountains, Stanley Park and tea rooms that serves pastries and delicious sandwitches.

Canada is a wonderful place to live. I never appreciated as much as when I left it.

Thank you.

KatieG said...

i love canada. i dream of moving to vancouver, but alas, no where else can i play dragonslayer to greedy investors with the same intensity as i can in NYC. also, they won't give me a work visa until i have a job. oh, and i have limited marketable legal skills outside of my specific arena of practice. :( so sad...

what of this:
Cleveland and Pittsburgh are the joint best scoring cities in the United States (7 per cent), in joint 26th place in the global ranking

i've been to both those cities. neither is even in my top 20 of places in America i would live.

Mark said...

Every winter and April 15, I think about moving to my parents' neighborhood in Florida. I doubt if I ever will but I could never make it through winter in Canada.