14 February 2006

Dem Leaders to Hackett: We Stink, You Don't, Get Out

As I have said many times, the Dem leadership is a joke. The sole exception is Howard Dean. But he is not in office. And the reason he's not in office is because the Dem leadership preferred Gephardt and Kerry (who now live in a van down by the river).

I have now decided that the GOP has infiltrated the Democratic Party to a considerable extent, because when I think about it, the only way the Dems could be worse is if they were secretly Republican. So I figured that is probably the case. One or two bad decisions is understandable, but to make losing decisions repeatedly... well, that is not normal. Maybe that's why scientists studied their brains.

I had hoped Hackett would be in a position to make a decision independent of the Dem leadership by using Democracy for America (DFA) as his primary fundraising source instead of the Party. If he could muster enough grassroots support, he could get into Congress as a true independent Dem. I think support from groups like DFA and MoveOn is essential for candidates who want to reform the Dem Party. Party leaders have no clue. They will lose and lose and lose. Only outside groups like DFA and MoveOn can overcome Party inertia and raise the funds and profile to run winning candidates.

The Democratic Party will never change its losing ways unless closely allied outside groups force change upon it. It seems to have proven that again by pushing out Paul Hackett. It's hard to imagine the Democratic establishment signaling their commitment to GOP victory more clearly.

Could Hackett run as an independent? I think it's totally possible. If he can get the grassroots support and fundraising from outside groups, then I don't see why not. If there's one thing better than Hackett in Congress as a Dem, it's Hackett in Congress as an Independent.

In any case, I think the focus of Hackett-oriented discussion should be on purging the Dem leadership first, and which office Hackett should run for second.

UPDATE: The Hackett-ODP "mess" is detailed in one post at Law Dork.


KatieG said...

i couldn't agree with you more.
(and best use of a chris farley reference i've seen in a while)
The Democratic party NEEDS Paul Hackett....that they can't understand that blows me away.

Anonymous said...

Not one dime for Brown, Strickland, or anyone else in Redfern's clusterfuck of defeat.

Don't forget who pushed Brown into the race just days after Hackett announced - Ted Strickland!

grandpaboy said...

who now live in a van down by the river

Thank you for teaching us to laugh again.

Mark said...

I heard Hackett today on the radio and he sounded like he was still willing to take one for the team (not that they deserve it). I would love to see him as an independent but I don't think it will happen.