27 February 2006

Ohio's Anti-Establishment Candidate

First of all let me say that I feel lousy, but better than I did on Sunday. I have some kind of stomach bug. Just thinking about food makes me queasy. Yesterday I ate several chickpeas and an orange. I think I will eat another orange and perhaps an apple in a little while. I can't even think about eating anything else. Ugh. I haven't felt like this since I saw Attack of the Clones and threw up for 2 hours because of the movie popcorn (I haven't eaten popcorn since then, by the way, which is like, 4 years or something).

And now onto Bob Fitrakis. Fitrakis is running for Governor as an independent. I will succinctly describe him as the anti-establishment candidate. Below are some sites to find out more about Fitrakis.

As I looked at the sites, I realized that I have seen Fitrakis speak before, probably on voting irregularity or election security issues. If I remember correctly, he was a very knowledgeable and dynamic speaker.

It's important to have people from across the political spectrum involved in politics and government because it expands the marketplace of ideas. So with that in mind, here are your Bob Fitrakis links:

Bob Fitrakis bio
Bob Fitrakis for Governor
Fourth Reich? The Bush-Rove-Schwarzenegger Nazi Nexus
The Voting Machine Industrial Complex


Andrew Warner said...

Nice work WestEnder. Glad to see you spreading the good word.

Speaking of the good word, over at the Beacon are the details of a candidate forum that Fitrakis is going to be at on 3/1.

Hope to see you there.

WestEnder said...

I wouldn't say I'm "spreading the good word" so much as offering some links that I think give a good profile of the candidate. And since I've seen him talk (I think), I put down my impressions of that, too. I doubt he'll get much support since he's a leftist, which just isn't hip these days. But people should at least read about him and give fair consideration to his ideas.

It's easy to dismiss ideas from candidates out of the mainstream. But I remember one of the best ideas I've heard came from Alan Keyes: he said if you can't cast a vote, you shouldn't be allowed to make political contributions. No unions, no PACs, no corporations-- only individual voters.

As far as the forum on 3/1, I was at Democracy for Cincinnati's forum for the OH-2 candidates last year, and it was a waste of time, just one dumb question after another. I felt sorry for the candidates.