21 February 2006

Congress Gets Behind Community Wi-Fi

Aaahh... sensible bipartisan legislation. It's almost like a dream, but it's actually true:

Sen. Ted Stevens has been a bit off his rocker lately, but his American Broadband for Communities Act of 2006 (S2332) might be just the thing to get him back in the groove.

And there's more! Sen. George Allen ("Sen. Smug") introduced the Wireless Innovation Act of 2006 (S2327) .

Contact Sens. DeWine and Voinovich to express support for these bills:

Mike DeWine (choose "Contact Information" from menu and use e-mail form)
George Voinovich


Wes said...

Also check out the Community Broadband Act of 2005 (S. 1294), sponsored by Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) and cosponsored by Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

This has to be done to counteract stuff happening in the House, where Rep. Pete Sessions (R-SBC...erm, TX) has introduced H.R. 2726, which would forbid municipalities from offering ANY telecommunications service unless there were absolutely NO private corporations willing to do it. This could even affect municipal police/fire radio systems.


Libertarian Jason said...

Hmm... Where in the Constitution does it say that the Senate has the authority to enact legislation on such matters?

WestEnder said...

Hmm... Where in the Constitution does it say that unelected lobbyists have the authority to write legislation for the benefit of corporations and other special interests but elected members of Congress do not have the authority to write legislation for citizen's benefit?

Wes said...

I *KNEW* it.

I knew this would summon what Berke Breathed so wonderfully called the "tax-dodging professional whiners" that make up the modern Libertarian movement.

On a more serious note, WestEnder's question has to do with the continual expansion of corporate rights and corporate "personhood" that has its roots in the odious Santa Clara cases.