07 February 2006

American Corporations Rebuked Just for Acting American!

US politicians and rights groups have condemned technology giants Google, Microsoft, Cisco, and Yahoo for collaborating with China to censor the Internet.

In a briefing by the Congressional Human Rights Caucus, the four US companies were accused Wednesday of putting profits before principles in their push into the Chinese market.

The four companies are accused of bowing to Beijing's demands that the Internet in China be censored to prevent Chinese citizens from seeing websites with information the government objects to, or using the Internet in activities the government opposes.

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TravisG said...

Huh. You'd have thought they couldn't get through an article like that without mentioning Halliburton's current investments in Iran, our next hotel room-trashing stop on Freedom Tour®.

WestEnder said...

Oh, you'll just LOVE the next post...