08 February 2006

Yet Another Story About a Bush Political Appointee

Is a 24-year old college dropout with no background in science qualified to be the NASA public affairs officer? He is if he worked on the Bush-Cheney campaign!

Here’s why George Deutsch got the job, in case you need to ask (sadly, Deutsch resigned yesterday).

So everything will be back to normal, right? WRONG!!

And note that Dean Acosta, the NASA director's press secretary, says that NASA will, in fact, insist on referring to the "Big Bang theory" just as the junior commissar insisted.

Good for them! Where does it say that science has to be what scientists say?

1 comment:

Mark said...

I can see referring to the Big Bang theory, only in the context that other legitimate theories like Fred Hoyle's steady state theory aren't disproven at the moment.

I hope that's NASA's reasoning but somehow I doubt it.