13 February 2006

Ohio Political Briefs

LGBT Analysis of Gubernatorial Running Mates

How do Raga, Padgett and Fisher stack up on LGBT issues? Pretty much as we’d expect. More in the Gay People’s Chronicle.

Paul Hackett Dead Right About Fundamentalism

Check out the totally normal way Christian true believers are making America better. I won't hold my breath for Bob Bennett's response. (link broken, but it's about the latest from Fred Phelps. This article has the scoop).

Ron Hood and Tom Brinkman Are Just Friends

I'm not saying Ron Hood and Tom Brinkman are gay. I'm just saying they share the same values, spend time together, and have a wonderful, fulfilling relationship based on mutual respect and admiration. What's that got to do with love?

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Anonymous said...

I don't think Brinkman nor Hood has ever passed a piece of legislation. They vote "no" on nearly everything that does come to the House floor, and have marginalized themselves within their own party. On paper, they're part of the "60-member" majority, but the "effective" majority- the number of members that actually work on legislation- is at about 54 or 55. If you look at voting records, I'm sure you'll find Hood and Brinkman voting with House Democrats more often than not, albeit for vastly different reasons.