01 March 2006

Even More Comments About Subodh Chandra

Adding to the laudatory comments listed in this previous post are these new ones from BSB:

* Any thoughts folks had that Subodh Chandra would drop out after not receiving the ODP endorsement can be set aside. he is "in it to win it". If you're still looking for a candidate to be proud of this is the guy…

* Chandra spoke at one of our meetings and totally rocked the room. Get him out there and Chandra can carry every part of the state. I will be sending him a check.

* This is one race where I - as a Hackett supporter - can show my frustrations with the insiders in the ODP by supporting a good man, Subodh Chandra. Both he and Dann are excellent candidates, but Chandra is the last inspiring candidate left in Ohio's statewide races. The state party should have endorsed BOTH men. I urge everyone to help Chandra and strike a blow against bossism in Ohio. Also, I hate prejudice of all kinds, and Chandra can be elected in this state. I sent my donation.

A commenter also noted that the ODP site lists only the endorsed candidates.

Subodh Chandra for AG

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Anonymous said...

Try the Hamilton County Party website at:
"Hamilton County Dems" mailroom@hamiltoncountydems.org
or the following Subodh Chandra contact:

We sent our funds early, so we could vote early and often after we attended his fundraiser here.Contact Catherine Barrett about the programs he taped for her cable show. Energy, class, work ethic without the phoney "package". Remembers names even after several months. Only know a few locals that can do that. Crowley, Yates, Barrett, Berding, Driehaus, Mann. Lost art.
Check chandraforOhio.com, too. Good inspiration. ---zandermann---