01 February 2006

Brokeback Blue Ridge Mountain

I didn't see Bush's SOTU speech (I was having a good time at my new favorite downtown establishment), but the word on the street is that Bush did well and Kaine tried to be nicey nicey.

I wonder what a rebuttal by Paul Hackett would be like.

(Maybe we'll find out next year...)


JenJen said...

As pathetic as the President's speech was, the Democratic response was even weaker.

He we are, on the Eve of Midterms, and I kept saying, "Who??"

Paul Hackett's response at least has teeth.

TravisG said...

Kaine is presented as potential presidential material. No, wait, that's his predecessor, Mark Warner, who he's often compared to. I haven't seen this Warner fella speak, but if he's as bland and wimpy as Tim Kaine, we're screwed.

So you've been to The News and liked it? I've been meaning to check it out. I used to go to Lava a few years ago, but all the people I know from the club scene have either moved or cleaned up their acts.