24 February 2006

Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements

The Periodic Table of the Elements. One of the grandest tables in science. A table that looks just as good illustrated in austere black and white, as I display in my foyer, as it does in the streaking colors of postmodern abstract expressionism, as in my guest cottage.

And now the magic of the Periodic Table can be with us always, thanks to The Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements. A cool site for science geeks and anyone else who wants to find out about weird elements like hafnium or praseodymium. Get the Palm version and your friends will seethe with envy!

And be sure to look at the authors “signature” at the bottom (I think you have to be on the “scholars edition” page). That's one of the cooler things I’ve seen.

1 comment:

Wes said...

That's just amazingly cool.

And there's a link to this, which is a collection of all 92 naturally occuring elements available for sale.

Check out the lucite-encased version. If I had $18,000 lying around, I would SO buy that.