09 February 2006

Wisconsin: the Un-Kansas

Wisconsin state Rep. Terese Berceau has sponsored a bill that would effectively ban the teaching of creationism / intelligent design in science classes.

Under the bill, only science capable of being tested according to scientific method could be taught as science. Faith-based theories, however, could be discussed in other contexts.


"It does not ban the discussion of intelligent design or any other ideology in schools in nonscientific contexts. It simply states that if something is presented as science, it must actually be science."


Berceau's bill would require that anything presented as science in the classroom be testable as a scientific hypothesis and pertain to natural, not supernatural, processes. The material would also have to be consistent with any description of science adopted by the National Academy of Sciences.

[Full story at The Capital Times]

Read more about Rep. Berceau's politics in the Badger Herald. She's also a Hodgkin's survivor!


Steve Middleton said...

Do you agree or disagree with this? On the one hand most science is a theory (even if testable) or a hypothosis, and creationism/intelligent design is untestable - but is a matter of faith - not a theory. But I'm an atheist - so what do I know?
Surely good to expose children to all sorts of notions - as long as the context is explained - not indoctrinated.

Wes said...

I want a copy of that bill introduced in every state legislature. NOW.


Mark said...

How's the Simpson's quote go? "God has no place in public schools, just like facts have no place in organized religion."

ID would be better for a writing assignment for an English class than taught as science. I wouldn't want pseudo-history like Holocaust denial taught in a legitimate history class but considering the belief systems behind it could be a good topic in a Philosophy or English class.

(Written as a half-ass Catholic and part-time English instructor.)

KatieG said...

On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin...

cheeseheads and all, nice job folks...