25 February 2006

Paul Hackett on Sunday Morning TV

After you're done wasting your time watching Meet the Press, Face the Nation, and George Stephanopolous this Sunday, be sure to catch Dan Hurley interviewing Paul Hackett on WKRC's Newsmakers, which airs every Sunday at 11 a.m.


Mark said...

Did you see the Cincinnati blog's post about Hackett? I didn't see a need to comment after Nate Livingston jumped in but it reminded me a pack of mad dogs.

WestEnder said...

And the rancor was even worse elsewhere in cyberspace. It's clearly turning out to be a grassroots vs. leadership battle (and to an extent, a northeast Ohio vs. everywhere else fight).

Dan Hurley is probably the only reporter who can do this interview without going lowbrow or tabloid.

Who is Nate Livingston?

Anonymous said...

I thought Hack was back in Iraq (as he promised last year). Did his flight out get delayed? What in the name of heaven does he have to say that anyone would be interested in hearing?

Mark said...

Are you the same Anonymous who had this spelled out for you on the Cincinnati blog?

WestEnder, are you kidding about Nate?

WestEnder said...

In a sense, yes, I am kidding. I know who he is, I'm just saying "who cares?"