30 August 2005

Sick and Tired of President Bush's Liberal Views?

Then you've probably seen this website, which has one page for Christians and another for non-believers.

But what if you want the dish on Bush? What's the real scoop that the liberal media won't tell you? You'll find all that here, with horrifying headlines like:





Ladies and gentlemen, your Republican base.


Anonymous said...

I don't necessarily think that this is the "base". These are fringe group folks that scare me (a lifelong Republican) too.

WestEnder said...

I am not sure how long your vacation has been, but back here, the neoChristians are the base of the Republican Party.

They are not a fringe group. Fringe groups don't have that many people or that much money. And they don't inhabit high government offices (President, House majority leader, Attny General). And they don't determine national discourse (Schaivo, gay marriage, abortion, judicial "activists", ID).

Anonymous said...

Let's see:

- Terry Schaivo was allowed to die
- DOMA was supported overwhelmingly in the legislature by Republicans and Democrats both Nationally (under Clinton) and in Ohio
- Abortion hasn't changed since Roe vs. Wade
- Neither party has a monopoly on "judicial activism"

And I'm not sure what you mean by "ID".

WestEnder said...

You are missing my point; what I am saying is that the fact that those issues are the ones which have been the GOP's highest profile issues is indicative of the fact that religious extremists make up the GOP base.

"ID" refers to Intelligent Design, perhaps the best example of something that deserves no attention whatsoever and wouldn't get any were it not for the squeaky wheel of Christian fundamentalism.

I'm not sure how you can say DOMA was supported "overwhelmingly" by state legislatures when it was passed as a ballot issue, not a legislative bill. And it was an issue put forth in key battleground states as a way to turn out the GOP base so that the base would vote Republican on the rest of the ballot. It's not a secret that this was the strategy, and it's not a secret that it worked.

Anonymous said...

HB 272 from the 125th GA:

Aside from the state of Kansas and local and national media, where is Intelligent Design being implemented?

Passed the Senate 18-15 and passed the House 72-22.

After it passed the legislature with bi-partisan support, it was put on the ballot and won in every county but Athens- even the Blue counties of Cuyahoga, Lucas, Franklin, Summit, etc. As a ballot issue, State Issue 1 got nearly half a million more votes than President Bush and won by 11% more than President Bush. Are you suggesting that these are only Republican right-wingers?

Blue or Red, the God-less are a very minute sliver of the worldwide population, but seem to have been shaping Democrat strategy for some time. Continuing to attack Christians (most of whom are basically moderates) is a sure-fire way to continue losing elections.

Say what you will about Richard Nixon (and I've been know to say a bit myself), but the guy knew more than a little about political strategy. His idea of a "Silent Majority"- Americans who live their day-to-day lives in a fairly moderate-conservative manner, but aren't necessarily politically engaged- still holds true today.

When faced with a choice between ultra-conservative candidates or policies and ultra-liberal candidates or policies, the Silent Majority almost always votes with the conservative, because the conservatives more closely reflect their own beliefs.

WestEnder said...

I think I'll pass on engaging with this commenter. Those who live in the protective bubble of the faith-based community are unable to come out long enough to see what reality is like.

To them, it's all a liberal, Democratic consipiracy to take away their protective bubble. To them, anything that questions or weakens the bubble is an attack.