20 August 2005

Frist Divorces Reality for “Office” Mistress

Bill Frist has stated that he will run for neither Senate nor Presidency. Yet his actions this year seem tailored for a future campaign.

His springtime pandering to religious fundamentalism over the Teri Schaivo matter violated the AMA’s own rules for video diagnosis and resulted in a letter from 31 of his medical school classmates telling him he misused his medial degree. He was heavily criticized for his actions, but it pleased theocrats.

But issues brought to light by the Schaivo and stem cell debates threatened an ideological schism within the GOP. So Frist’s support of stem cell research seemed like a clever plan to retain sensible conservatives within the GOP while still maintaining fidelity to theocrats. But the theocrats weren’t so pleased this time.

So now, Frist has endorsed the teaching of creationism (aka Intelligent Design).

Why is Frist pandering to the theocrats if he does not intend to run? According to the ClarkStreet behavioral science division, the plan may be for Frist to position himself as a VP candidate. None other than Bob Woodward has predicted a Cheney vs. Clinton race. If this turns out to be true, then Cheney can serve one term (or resign after the next infarct) and hand over the reigns to Frist. Frist could then run for the next two terms, potentially allowing him to be President for 8 to 12 years.

Cheney's outrageous voting record in Congress would surely be a liability... but only if the media were to report it.

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