24 August 2005

You Mean Proper English, or Like, American and Stuff?

The town of Norton, Ohio (just outside of Akron) has passed a resolution declaring English as its official language.
Councilman Bill Mowery, who sponsored the resolution, said he can't understand why anyone would oppose it.

"It seemed to me like a no-brainer," Mowery said. "Mom's apple pie and the American way."

He said his inspiration for the resolution came from Norton resident George Tomko, a World War II veteran and self-described City Council watchdog.

Tomko said it bothers him to go to stores and see bilingual signs.

Anyone who thinks Americans know how to speak English should read an international newspaper or watch an international news program. I suggest starting with one from China or India so you can start getting used to the world on their terms.


KatieG said...

"it seems a no-brainer" - I mean, we're in the midst of a Nationalist movement, and why not exclude people in every possible way.... I mean, this is just a no-brainer, a really easy way to tell other people that they're not worthy of our country if they can't even speak English!


Renee said...

the previous comment said it best...