25 August 2005

This Fill-in-the-Blank Is About George W. Bush

A post at the Right Angle Blog (link at right) made what I felt was yet another, mercilessly exhausting reference to fellato Clintonato. Enough, I commented, Clinton is hardly the poster boy for sexual indiscretion. Actually, if you want to know my exact words, they were:

By the way, the world is tired of repubs holding up Clinton as if he's the poster boy of sexual indiscretion. He's not, and everyone knows that sexual indiscretion is rampant in all politicians, regardless of party.

The notion that republicans are more ethical and above this sort of thing is ridiculous.

Responding to my comment, another commentor pointed out the fact that "he was the President for God's sake."

So the fill-in-the-blank is to complete the sentence: George W. Bush is the poster child for...

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