30 August 2005

FOP Joins Winburn on Planet X

Charlie Winburn, the neoChristian candidate who performs exorcisms and said only born-again Christians should hold office, has been endorsed by the FOP, report the Enquirer and Post.

According to FOP president Keith Fangman, Winburn supports the police and could make the city safer.

In other words, Winburn would do nothing to improve the problem-laden police system. The police have consistently resisted investigations and changes, so it is fair to assume that they want a mayor who will not want to change or even question their lousy attitude and behavior. Their endorsement implies Winburn is that man.

The 10-member endorsement committee voted unanimously to endorse, and said “support for our officers” was the top reason. This is code for “don’t make us change.” More evidence is in the FOP’s citing of the 2002 police contract as one of the decisive issues.

Winburn’s only crime initiative is his build-more-jails plan. Besides the fact that David Pepper suggested this months before, jail-building is not a crime solution. Intelligent people know this. It is like building another band-aid factory to deal with the hemophilia problem. Yes, band-aids are needed, but preventing a cut in the first place is the best solution (and the cheapest, long-term). That is why more jail space is only a part of Pepper’s plan.

Winburn’s plan does not reduce crime; it provides temporary storehousing of criminals at a cost of millions of dollars every year. It is a long-term tax/spending increase, and that’s what it should be called.

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