23 August 2005

Online Restaurant Reservations!

Exciting news for those who like food and technology. These two popular interests have now come together with online restaurant reservations. For now, the service is only available in states with computers and restaurants that take reservations.

The site seems to have a very easy and practical interface. The interface is based on a live internet connection to the restaurant's computerized reservation system, so the information is in real time. If it says a table for 4 is available, then it is. Currently only 6 Cincinnati area restaurants have signed on to the service, but hopefully that will increase quickly. Indianapolis and Louisville (which lists a restaurant called Equus...) as well as Cleveland and Columbus are listed.

It's a great resource for the business traveler who has to host a dinner in a another city (consultant or attorney, for example)..

And if you're an interested restauranteur, your info page is here.

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