23 August 2005

Full Deck Still Eludes Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson, Yale Law graduate, erstwhile Presidential candidate, and voice of "Christian" fundamentalism, is now advocating assassination of a foreign head of state.

This is further evidence for what the ClarkStreet Division of Social Psychology has been saying for years: that religious extremism/ fundamentalism is not an "extreme" level of faith; it is an abnormal psychological condition. It should be investigated from a psychological perspective rather than accepted. Normal psychology doesn't involve irrational patterns of thought and action.

Nice posts on the matter at Walk In Brain and WireCan also.

The sad thing is that Pat Robertson may be discredited, but the radical movement he speaks for will not. Maybe that wouldn't happen if more people read this.

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-Ann said...

The headline on the BBC cracked me up - "Television Host Urges US to Kill Chavez". It makes me think that Oprah or Regis is issuing bizarre directives.