24 August 2005

ABC Asked to Remove Robertson's TV Show

Watchdog group Media Matters is calling on the ABC Family network to remove Robertson's show, The 700 Club, from the air. The show airs 3 times a day.

Media Matters has also points out that this is not the only instance of recorded cognitive dysfunction from a right-wing gasbag. Here are others:

Bill O'Reilly
Glenn Beck
Ann Coulter

Those who wish to express their views to ABC should send a brief, typed letter with a clear heading ("RE: Pat Robertson's 700 Club" for example) to the following address:

ABC, Inc.
attn: ABC Family Programming
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-4551

Those who are wondering why the hell Pat Robertson would comment on Venezuela anyway might want to read this (and note that it was written 2 months ago).

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The Smoke Eater said...

And I hope they do it!

Peter Deane