28 August 2005

Sandra Queen Noble is Seriously Quite Abnormal

Kudos to Dan Hurley’s show Newsmakers (Saturdays 11 a.m., WKRC) for giving equal time to this year’s independent mayoral candidates, Sylvan Grisco, Justin Jeffre, and Sandra Queen Noble.

Unfortunately, those of us who watched the show will have to come to terms with the fact that we will never get those 30 minutes back. One way we can do this is by recognizing the value of witnessing three unqualified candidates. This can be useful. I would make this point with an analogy to the time someone recommended the book “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” Sounds good, I said, but wouldn’t it also be a good idea to write about habits of highly ineffective people? I mean, you don’t know what not to do if you don’t know you’re doing it, right?

In a similar vein, it is nice to contrast qualified candidates with unqualified ones just to see the contrast and get an idea of what not to want in a candidate.

For those who think Alicia Reece is a case in point, I say get ready to chortle a-plenty. Sandra Queen Noble makes Reece look like a Rhodes scholar. She is, unfortunately, not a credible candidate for any office at any level. A normal human does not show up for a television forum wearing curly, green giftwrapping ribbon all over her hair, and a shiny, gold stetson on top of that (seemingly plastic).

No, I am not making it up. Also, she can’t answer questions.

According to the SmartVoter guide, Noble lists her occupations as fashion designer and "law enforcement" (she used the same phrase on the show). And she lists her education as "Jim Crow/George Wallace."

Her response to the SmartVoter question "
What are your qualifications for office?" was:

Currently a presidential candidate running for the Mayor of Cincinnati 3 times candidate for President 5 times for City Mayor Candidate Congress and City Council Candidate once

And her response to "What plans do you have to address your top three priorities?" was:

Power and compassion; the right to protect children; when you take from the land of native people respect the people of the land you take from.

(There were actually 5 questions, but that's 3 too many in this case).

There’s a bit of a guilty feeling in harping on Ms. Noble, since she clearly isn’t playing with a full deck. But she put herself out there. If you want a spectacle, go see Ms. Noble. If you want a mayor, don’t.


E Goods said...

"She'd privatize the Department of Children and Family Services -- which is a county agency -- because more than once it took her two kids from her. For that, she's sued the federal government for $720 trillion and appealed every loss. Her latest filing in the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is dated May 24."

Andrew Warner said...

I love the quotes you cited. They are almost impossible to read. I heard her best quote is :

"I ain't no status quo ho"

At least she planned that one. Do you think she will get a lot of votes though?

WestEnder said...

Somehow she got 500 signatures, so she'll get a few votes... probably about as many as in her other campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Will she get a lot of votes? Well, dumb voters elected Reece, and she'sdumber than a rock. Her "accomplishments" are apparently so great that she can afford to live in a shanty tacked onto daddy's banquet shack.

Anonymous said...

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