22 August 2005

Time for Katherine Harris to Put Out...

... her campaign signs. From the All Headline News:

Pensacola, FL (AHN) - Two businessmen active in GOP politics say Florida's Republican Party is enticing cable TV host Joe Scarborough to challenge U.S. Representative Katherine Harris in the 2006 Senate primary race.

Collier Merrill, a Pensacola businessman, tells The Pensacola News Journal Scarborough has met with senior Republican officials.

Eric Nickelsen, the other businessman, says he has contacted Scarborough and encouraged him to run, adding other party leaders want the talk show host to challenge Harris.

I was under the impression Harris was a go-by-the-GOP playbook kind of official, which I figure is just the kind of person the GOP would want in Congress. So I wonder what Scarborough adds that Harris doesn't have (at least in the eyes of the 2 businessmen).


E. Gooding said...

Lots of cursing going on or something?

WestEnder said...

6 straight comment spams overnight!