27 August 2005

A Republican Explains Why Daft Should Resign

Gov. Daft has the lowest approval ratings of any governor since they started taking approval ratings. I'm talking about the country here, not just Ohio.

He's an incompetent executive who, like many republicans, does little more than open up the candy store for corporate lobbyists. But people (in both parties) are split over whether he should resign. There are arguments both ways.

Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Michael Coleman called for resignation, but he's just trying to get his name in the news. Locally, Greg Hartmann (Hamilton County Clerk and County GOP Chair) has called for resignation. Hartmann is also running for Secretary of State, so maybe he wants attention, too.

Here's the viewpoint of VikingSpirit, a Republican who is not running for office:

Yes, I disagree with those whom say Taft's crimes aren't that bad in the big picture. I say that because of a couple points:

-Taft played with many lobbyists, politicians, and others, including Tom Noe (we all know what he did). What kind of favors did he promise when these people paid for his rounds of golf?

-You don't just "forget" to file reports for 40+ rounds of golf. There's a reason that these reports weren't filed, which I think is because of what he did while golfing (i.e what kind of favors he promised).

In the end, Taft did commit a crime, and I think he needs to resign as a result.

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