27 August 2005

Who Reads What?

Okay, it's not a "real" who-reads-what. It's a funny take on the readership of the U.K.'s newspapers I picked up on Deepak's blog out of Melbourne:

Daily Mirror - Read by people who think that they run the country.

Guardian - Read by people who think that they ought to run the country.

Times - Read by people who actually do run the country.

Daily Mail - Read by wives of those who do run the country.
(Remember at the time when Yes Prime Minister was being screened in UK, the Government predominantly had more males in the service compared to females)

Financial Times - Read by those who actually OWN the country.

Morning Star - Read by those who think UK should be run by another country.

Daily Telegraph - Read by those who actually THINK that UK is run by another country.

So what similar assessments would you make about our newspapers?

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