02 January 2007

Bye Bye Bengals, Hello Bowl Games

The Bengals season is over. In a sense I am glad... glad that I don't have to witness any more stumbles and bumbles; glad that I don't have to experience the pain of unrequited scoring drives; glad that I don't have to stay off the roads after home games in case a drunk Bengal is somewhere out there.

Thank goodness for college football. It helped me forget.

It's too bad Georgia Tech lost their bowl game; I like Calvin Johnson (who doesn't?) and he's a fun one to watch. I'm sure he'll go pro next year.

Michigan got its ass kicked, just as I predicted:

It was an all-encompassing blowout over a solid, third-ranked Michigan squad that positioned USC (11-2) as maybe The Team to watch next season.

I also predicted Florida will beat Ohio State.

I hope Wisconsin's win helps them get more air time than Notre Dame next year. I nominate Notre Dame as the most overrated and over-covered college team. The most overrated and over-covered NFL team is the Giants.

But there's no way to overrate last night's Fiesta Bowl. Wow, what a game! There's some talk that this game will kickstart talks on a playoff system. That's great... good luck getting it to work.

In sad news, it was awful seeing the news of Darrent Williams senseless death scroll by at the bottom of the screen. He was a hell of a player. The incident has a Cincinnati connection; Williams was at a party for former UC hoop thug Kenyon Martin, who doesn't exactly seem broken up about the whole thing:

"I was there. He was there. I left. I saw him. That was about the extent of it," Martin told The Denver Post. "It is what it is. It's an unfortunate thing."

Touching, Kenyon... real touching.

Rounding out the sports week, Bob Knight gets no. 880. From Sports Illustrated's look back at his early days coaching at West Point:

Over the 40 seasons and 862 wins that followed, he would experience greater successes, play on bigger stages, and find himself at the center of much more heated controversies, and yet coach's defining characteristics were all there in 1965-66. Army was only the beginning of the run at 880, but the players at West Point experienced Bob Knight in full.

And Roger Federer has a new year's resolution... not that it's hard to guess considering there's only one thing he hasn't won. Will this be the Grand Slam year?

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