25 January 2007

Federer Sends Roddick Home with Tail Between His Legs

What's the Australian blue plate special? If you're Roger Federer, it's a vegemite sandwich with a side of everyone on the men's tour.

For all the talk about Roddick's new coach and his turned-up swagger, his trophy case looks pretty much the same as it did two years ago. A little over a year ago, I tried to guess what was inside Roddick's head. I figured he understood that he must either figure out a way to challenge Federer, or be content being this generation's Ken Rosewall (who had the misfortune of being Rod Laver's contemporary).

I still think Roddick made a lousy decision in getting rid of Brad Gilbert as his coach. Gilbert is now coaching Andy Murray, and you can bet that Murray is going to break through in 2007. I think it will be Murray, and not Nadal or Roddick, who will give Federer headaches this year. I think Roddick would have been in a better position to challenge Federer if he had stuck with Gilbert.

But when you're talking about Federer, "being in a better position to challenge" might not mean much more than reducing the severity of punishment. I can't remember anybody "bageling" so many top players-- and in huge matches, no less.

But for now it's the same unbelievable story... win after win after win. This is Federer's seventh Grand Slam final in a row. And not to slam Tommy Haas or Fernando Gonzalez, but I think it's safe to say that Federer is going to have his tenth Grand Slam trophy in a couple of days.

(And congratulations also to Kirby Puckett for making it to the women's finals).


KatieG said...

i stayed up to watch the match. i don't know why, except, i couldn't sleep and once it started, i couldn't turn it off.

Roger Federer's domination is so complete, it is almost boring.

Except, he is so young, so commanding of every single point, so in total control of his emotions, its really compelling to watch. He sprayed a few stupid unforced errors when he was serving 2-1, he let Roddick break back. But they never appear to affect him. there's no beating himself up, or dwelling on them. Each individual point, the guy wants to win that point!

He's the most dominant athlete in any one sport i can remember watching. Even Tiger Woods has competitors that come close, and some days just play better.

Nobody ever plays a more complete match better than Federer.

Who's he up against in the finals, anyway? Not that it matters...

(Kirby - haha - hey, she can still hit that ball hard. What was up with Sharapova and her NOT grunting? Normally i can't watch her, or have to mute her because of the moaning...but last night, she hardly made a sound? weird.)

Anonymous said...

actually, if (and when) Federer wins in the final, it will be his 10th, not 8th grand slam title.

WestEnder said...

Sharapova is a strange person. She's beautiful and mentally tough on the court, but somehow I find her boring to watch. And the grunting doesn't help. I probably missed my only chance to watch a gruntless match.

(corrected the post to read 10th slam... thanks!)