27 December 2006

Top 10 Health Stories of 2006

It's the end of the year and that means time for lists. I'll try to come up with something sarcastic and funny in the next few days but for now here are Harvard's top 10 health stories of 2006.

(Republicans, creationists and other reality-challenged friends will find this article from FAUX News more satisfying).


Mark said...

That Steven Milloy must be a junk science expert. He says so twice!

Michelle Fry said...

One of the more interesting Health developments for me is the vaccination against cervical cancer, or more correctly, the vaccination against HPPV which causes most cervical cancer. It seems like it came onto the market all of a sudden and I don't anyone who has gotten the vaccine. It's always hard to tell if clinical trails were sufficient or if this is going to be a vaccine that we find out 5 years from now had serious risks that were unreported.