10 January 2007

Cheese Whiz Report: WKRC, Jan 9

Cheese Whiz report for WKRC afternoon news of Jan 9 (cheese whiz ??):

More troops expected in Iraq.
Air strikes in Somalia.
Deadly train crash in Massachussetts.
Two students shot, injured, in school parking lot.
Taft High School uses metal detectors after yesterday's gun incident.

Man accused of stealing cab is caught.
Traffic accident, minor injuries.
Fire in OTR home, no injuries, minor damage.
Home invasion suspect in court.
Wildfire destroys exclusive homes in Malibu. Suzanne Somer's home destroyed. Chocolate lab saved.

Macy's has surplus of "Ohio State 2006 Champions" t-shirts.
St. Bernard plans to replace park with housing subdivision.
Subdivision improvements in Green Twp.
Medical report: presence of spouse/partner can lower stress, says study.

Most wanted suspect arrested in Kennedy Heights.
New safety lights to be added to dangerous cut-in-the-hill portion of I-75.
iPod can be karaoke machine.

(adopt-a-pet segment)
(promo for later news)
Strickland wants to reduce lobbyist gifts.
KY residents still oppose new jail.

Total ad time was 12 min (40%).


Mark said...

They were selling the Ohio State Champs a week before the game. I don't remember stores ever doing that before.

Michelle Fry said...

I have stopped watching the news on TV. I listen to it on NPR and it's only slightly better that way but at least I don't have to see somebody with a bleach white smile and hair spray plastered highlights trying to say these horrible things as though they were saying something as inane as "boy this is some weather we've been having lately". It's bizarre. Who decided this is news?

WestEnder said...

You are so right, Michelle. If TV reporters spent as much time on research as they do on their hair and makeup maybe they'll come up with something worth watching.