04 January 2007

Immigrants Crucial to U.S. Competitiveness, Says Report

In case anyone still doesn't get it...

A team of researchers at Duke University estimated that 25 percent of technology and engineering companies started from 1995 to 2005 had at least one senior executive — a founder, chief executive, president or chief technology officer — born outside the United States.

Their contributions to corporate coffers, employment and U.S. competitiveness in the global technology sector offer a counterpoint to the recent political debate over immigration and the economy, which largely centers on unskilled, illegal workers in low-wage jobs.

...the research debunks the notion that immigrants who come to the United States take jobs from Americans.

"The advantage of entrepreneurs is that they're generally creating new opportunities and new wealth that didn't even exist before them..."

Sounds good. But unfortunately, the report doesn't give their TOEFL or JAF (Jesus Acceptance Factor) scores, so there's plenty of reason to remain weary.


John in Cincinnati said...

An interesting read. The thing I think some of us forget is that all of us--except Native Americans--are all immigrants, even if some of our families have been here a bit longer.

Mark said...

Actually the only true native primates are the spider monkeys and friends in South America.

(Yes, I see your point--I'm just being difficult.)