10 January 2007

Cheese Whiz Report: WKRC, Jan 5

The Cheese Whiz report for WKRC afternoon news of Jan 5 (cheese whiz ??):

SWAT standoff ends peacefully.
Suspected murderer behind bars.
Funeral for fallen local soldier.
W. Ky. businessman to challenge Ernie Fletcher for Governor.
Bush shuffles White House staff.
New Yorkers rescue toddler.
Erik Estrada gets into fight after being called Emilio Estevez.
Weatherman promotes Travel & Boat Show.

Parks Board to discuss pool future.
Firehouse dance for 6th-8th graders in Taylor Mill.
Fruits & vegetables good for health.

OH, FL governors make friendly wager on BCS game.
2 car accidents this morning.
Taft signs bill restricting passengers for teen drivers.
More from Travel & Boat show.

Trial in KY continues for man accused of "shooting wife in the head."
RR crossing to be made safer.
2 more Cincinnati homicides added to 2006 count.

Total ad time was 11 min (37%).

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