16 January 2007

The Thematically Inconsistent Best and Worst of 2006 List

Best NFL WR with the most receiving yards for the 4th year in a row: Chad Johnson.

Best site for the new Hamilton County jail: Paul Brown Stadium.

Most idiotic moment: (tie) Chris Finney's "kiss my ass" meltdown; Jean Schmidt re-election.

Best redneck with a gun: Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones.

Best non-redneck with a gun: Paul Hackett.

Most under-reported local story: GOP corruption at the state level.

Most over-reported local story: Marcus Feisel.

Best local reporting: Dan Hurley & Jeff Hirsch (WKRC)

Worst local reporting: Kimball Perry

Best resistance to progress of any kind: (tie) Cincinnati Police; Phil Buress.

Best local blog, reality-based: OH-2.

Best local blog, reality-challenged division: Bizzy Blog.

Best local official: Todd Portune.

Worst local official: Phil Heimlich.

Moment of heartbreak: Carson Palmer goes down in the playoffs.

Moment of hope: Carson Palmer starts first game of season.

Person of the year: How about Pervez Musharraf? Isn't he the only leader who has actually been successful in fighting terrorism?

Best local beer: Christian Moerlein's Oktoberfest.

Best political fade-out: Justin Jeffre.

Best fade-in: Roxanne Qualls.

Best fade-out then fade-in: Dale Mallory.

Best college football moment: Fiesta Bowl.

Worst college football moment: FIU vs. Miami fight.

Underappreciated college football moment: Army-Navy game. Where else are you going to see white running backs?

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