04 January 2007

How About a "Contract with Corporate America?"

D.C. Dems have a legislative agenda, and from the looks of it so far, it'll be a welcome change from the carnival of corporate sycophancy we've seen since Jesus, Inc. sent Ronald Reagan.

But Philip Mattera and Charlie Cray propose an even better idea: give ulcers to Newt Gingrich and Grover Norquist! Make Tom DeLay and Ralph Reed lose their religion!

Okay, that's not exactly it. But that's basically what it amounts to. Or as my English teacher would write, that's basically to what it amounts. What it amounts to is basically that. To wit:

The new Congress faces a staggering list of corporate abuses that have been ignored by lawmakers for years—including executive pay levels that remain out of control, rampant contract fraud and war profiteering in Iraq and at home, widespread corporate tax avoidance, the offshoring of well-paying jobs, and the shredding of health, safety and environmental standards.

Some of the initial measures planned by Democrats, such as a minimum wage increase and a rollback of oil industry tax breaks, will begin to rectify the situation. But much more needs to be done. Twelve years ago, when the Republicans won control of Congress, they proposed a Contract with America. Now is the time for what might be called a Contract with Corporate America—an effort to put limits on the power of big business.

What follows are a few clauses that Congress might include in such a contract...

Read the rest here... and sent it to your [non-Republican] members of Congress. They don't know what you want if you don't tell them!

Click here to email Sherrod Brown.
Click here to email George Voinovich.


bonobo said...

Respectfully, might I suggest that if you insist on moving the preposition to the front: 'To that is what it basically amounts."

And thanks for the link.

WestEnder said...

Ah, yes... the WWYW (what would Yoda write) school of writing. A good suggestion that is. Your powers are strong, young jedi.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just elect Ralph Nader?

That's more likely to happen than reforming the corporate Democrats. They raise as much money and are as beholden to the same interest. Kerry and Clinton are warmongers that gave Bush his war and the Demahawks continue the funding.