26 January 2006

We Don't Need No Stinking Horsesense

Detachment from reality is a hallmark sign of mental illness. Is it a hallmark sign of the Republican Party as well?

Exhibit A: Bob Ney still doesn't get it.

Exhibit B: In addition to legislating morality, the GOP wants to legislate responsibility. Two Republican state legislators want to curb teen driving deaths by eliminating carpools and increasing the driving age to 16 and-a-half.

Exhibit C: How screwed up does a party have to be for it to nominate someone to the board of elections who has been found guilty of breaking election laws?


KatieG said...

What a great reporter. This simple little story was hilarious. I love this sentence.

That's when McGlothin, craving a cocaine fix and jealous of Chastain's tryst with Snowflake, arranged for 16-year-old Kevin Short - known in the neighborhood as "Lil' Kev" - to shoot Chastain in the leg and rob him, Assistant Prosecutor David Prem said.

WestEnder said...

Just to be clear, the above comment was actually meant for the previous post. There is no report of a Republican craving a cocaine fix and hiring a "Lil' Kev."

At least not a public report...

KatieG said...

hahahah - whoops....hmmm, prostitutes, cocaine fixes, murders....you SURE it doesn't fit here somewhere?