14 January 2006

Football Predictions

There is an old Saturday Night Live skit with sports reporter Joe Piscopo doing a Super Bowl preview. The skit made a joke of the fact that the two teams that made it to the final were teams that nobody cared about. I can't remember the teams, but it was something like the Bucs and Jets or something like that.

This year,I suppose the Piscopo Bowl would be a Panthers vs. Broncos matchup. I doubt it will happen that way, but then again I did have a sudden rememberance of the Piscopo skit, which I take to be a sign that things won't go according to plan.

So I predict an upset in every game except Seahawks vs. Redskins. But I think even that one might be closer than expected, and I wouldn't be shocked if the Redskins eked out a narrow win. But for everything else, it'll be the underdogs: Broncos beat the Pats, Panthers beat the Bears, and Steelers beat the Colts.

Crazy? Don't tell me, tell the stars. Like George W. Bush, I'm just the messenger.


Wes said...

Wow. That worked out exactly as you said.

Got any stock tips?


WestEnder said...

Yep... prosthetic manufacturers. The aging population and increase in diabetes will both be reasons for more lost limbs, I'm afraid, and so therefore there will be more demand for replacement limbs. And there are the war casualties, too.

I'm going to check at some sports sites to see if anybody else predicted everything right.

WestEnder said...

Is that a weiner dog?

Wes said...

It is Julie the Wiener Dawg, my fiancée's dappled miniature Dachshund. I don't know how this blended family thing (my cat, her dog) is gonna work.

But dude, wiener dawg. Instant party.