10 January 2006

Alito Hearings as Predictable as Predicted

I just heard Sen. Schumer on C-SPAN speaking at a Dem press conference. He was saying that Alito's answers were unsatisfactory because they were too broad and ambiguous, even though he was asked specific questions. And Schumer said answers like "the President is never above the law" and "the President must follow the Constitution" are hardly notable-- after all, what else would a nominee say?

And then I just happened to read this prediction of how the hearings would go (after the fact):

"Ok – here’s my prediction. Alito will be asked a lot of tough questions by the Dems. He won’t respond to any of them. He’ll instead use vague language about respecting precedent and the importance of not pre-judging anything. Slimy Schumer will go on a lot of talk shows and complain. The American public will yawn. And Alito will get confirmed by a mid-60s/mid-30s count."

And that's the way it's happening. His post has some other remarks on the Alito hearings as well.

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