16 January 2006

I Was Right (Again)

One of the things women really like is when men point out how right they are all the time. So I'm glad to point out that I was right a total of FOUR times this weekend (see post below), adding considerable points to my overall greatness factor.

But in addition to my perfect pigskin prognostications, there is also some less important news. And that is the Bush administration's latest effort to roll back environmental safety measures as a favor to industrial polluters (shorter CBS News article or Eliot Spitzer's longer press release).

One of my biggest beefs with both major parties is how far behind the curve they are on environmental issues. It's one of the most clear-- perhaps the most clear-- indication of excessive corporate influence. America should be leading the world on environmental issues and instead we're a laughingstock. It's ridiculous.

But there is opportunity for citizen action here. The articles above list the states whose Attorneys General have signed on to the letter opposing the rule changes. Ohio's Jim Petro is not one of them. Why not contact the Ohio Attorney General's office and ask Petro to sign on? After all, he doesn't know the issue is important to the public if the public doesn't let him know.

Those who live in other states can do the same, of course, or express thanks to those who have already signed on.


Andrew Warner said...

Nice work on predicting the games. I still hate that people who just pick favorites get paid to do so on ESPN.

Your points about energy policy are a perfect critique about the major parties resistance to change.

It is very important to lobby our politicians and tell them what we want them to do as you point out with Petro. At the same time we need to really tell them at the voters box when we have viable choices who aren't a part of the major parties.

KatieG said...

Ok - this week - who do i put my money on?