12 January 2006

John Boehner is Just Like Us!

The Plain Dealer reports on John Boehner:

If Congress is to renounce its cozy relationships with lobbyists - the intense chase for campaign money and deal-making that's prompting outrage - Boehner may not represent a sweeping change.

Boehner, for instance, loves golfing with corporate contributors at some of this country's best courses, from California to Virginia. He enjoys dining at Washinton's fine restaurants, often in the company of lobbyists.

Boehner chairs the House committee that oversees education issues, including bills that help set interest rates on student loans. Yet he flies to resorts in the corporate jets of companies that have a direct interest in that legislation...

In 1995, he openly passed out checks from tobacco industry lobbyists to colleagues on the House floor.

For even more on Boehner's enthusiasm for government-by-golf, read John Ryan's post.

1 comment:

Mark said...

"If Congressional bribes are outlawed, only outlaws will have Congressional bribes."

Or something like that.